WOD: Thursday 12/10/20

Strength/Skill: 5 Sets

Pull-up Skill Work (superset both movements)


- 4 x Strict Weighted Pull-ups (5s Negative)

- Max strict pull-ups (no weight)


- 6 x Strict Pull-ups (5s Negative) (if you use a band to get up, release band tension and control descent)

- 20 x Ring Rows

Metcon: 20m AMRAP

- 30 Cal Bike Erg

- Sled Rope Pull (20y)

- 6 x Wall Walks

- 200m Air-Runner

Cash-out: 4x

- 8 x DB Strict Press (per side)

- 60s Handstand

- 60s Front Plank

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