WOD: Friday 5/22/20

Quarantine WOD:

Don't skip the Burpee Hour! If you haven't given the Burpee Hour a shot yet, get after it! You can break it down lots of ways: turn it into an EMOM (10 burpees every minute), 30s on/30s off, sets of 20... Pick a strategy and attack it!


A: 10m EMOM: 30s on/30s off

- 30s Push-ups

- Rest 30s

- 30s Rows

- Rest 30s

B: 4 x Intervals (1m on/30s off)

1: Stair climbs

2: Inch Worms

3: Box Jumps

4: Sit-ups

C: 3x

- 90s Plank

- 20 x 1-leg v-ups

- 20 x Pikes

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