WOD: Saturday 3/21/20

Due to the governor's recent order, all scheduled CrossFit classes will be canceled until further notice.

Though devastating news, it is absolutely NOT an excuse to slack off on your fitness!

We'll be posting daily workouts, both here and on the Upper Level Fitness app - so keep an eye out!

All workouts can be done with minimal or no equipment, so get after it and post your times/scores!

Partner Quarantine WOD - DAY 5:

4 Rounds (FaceTime a partner and get to work!)

- Burpees

- Air Squats (or Lunges if you did the wrong thing like me yesterday)

- Doiuble Unders (Jumping Jacks if you don't have a jump rope!)

- Sit-ups

One partner works at a time! Partner A does 1 minute of burpees, then rests while Partner B does 1 minute of burpees. Then Partner A does 1 minute of Squats, etc...)

Yes this workout is 32 minutes.

Post results on the Upper Level Fitness app, so we can stay in touch and talk trash!

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