WOD: Thursday 10/10/19

The 2020 CrossFit Open starts this Thursday!

Sign up online at games.crossfit.com

This year, we'll be spicing things up a little bit with an in-house competition of our own!

All open participants will be assigned to one of two teams: red or black. It'll be each team member's responsibility to complete their workout each week, in order to contribute to their team score. Our goal is to up the stakes a bit: emphasizing comradery and team-work in what is classically an individual competition. Teams will be finalized on Monday 10/14, but please try to sign up as soon as possible, to make organizing easier on the coaches.

We will be running heats similar to previous years:

- Friday: 5:00pm

- Saturday: 8:00am

- Monday: 5:00pm

PLEASE try to complete the workouts during the designated times above! If you absolutely cannot make one of those times, speak to one of our judges and organize something with them individually.


- All official CrossFit Open rules/regulations apply.

- Workouts must be completed before 8:00pm on the Monday following the announcement.

- Failure to complete a workout WILL result in an automatic last place in said workout.

- Males and Females will be scored in separate divisions.

- Masters age groups will NOT be reflected in the competition.

- Workouts completed in the "Scaled" division will be placed under the last place "Rx" score, creating one effective division.

- Workouts MUST be completed with a Judge.


- Sled Push/Pull

- 90s Plank

Metcon: 20m AMRAP

- 20/15 Cal Row

- 20/15 Cal Bike

- 20/15 Cal Ski

- 20/15 Cal Run

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