WOD: Friday 5/24/10

Our annual "Murph" event is almost here!

We’ll be running heats on both Saturday AND Monday this year.

Saturday (5/25) heats will begin at both 8am and 9am, in place of our regularly​ scheduled partner WOD (no 7am class).

Our Monday (5/28) heat will begin at 9am, after the 8am regular CrossFit session (no 5:30am class on Monday 5/28).

Murph has become so much more than just a workout - it represents everything that's great about CrossFit.

Looking forward to entering the pain cave with all of you, as we pay our respects to all the American heroes that have made the ultimate sacrifice.


- Push Press: 5x5

Metcon: 3 x Intervals (1m on/30s off)

- Row Cals

- Medball Shuttles

- Sit-ups

- Ball Slams

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