WOD: Saturday 4/6/19

Saturday Partner WOD!!

Warm-up: Coach's Choice!

Partner WOD: Complete A, B, and C as teams of 2!! (Finish section before moving on to the next)

A: Complete 8 Rounds combined (4 each):

- 14 x Alt. DB Snatch

- 7 x Burpee-over-DB

Partner A completes both movements while partner B rests. Then partner B completes both movements while A rests.

B: Complete 8 Rounds combined (4 each):

- 15/12 Cal Assault Bike

- 20 x Air Squats

Same as above.

C: Carry 1 Medball as a team around the development!


- 70 x Team Medball Sit-ups

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