WOD: Thursday 2/21/19

The 2019 Open Season is finally here!

Athletes that want to participate can sign up HERE.

We'll be running things similar to what we've done in previous years. Here's a couple notes and reminders regarding how we do things during the Open:

  • Heats will be run at 5pm on Friday nights, 8am on Saturday mornings, and 5pm on Monday nights. Please try to make one of those times before organizing something separately with an individual judge.

  • Workouts MUST be logged by 5pm Monday night! CrossFit does not make any exceptions.

  • Athletes can submit their workouts via one of the following options:

  • Complete the workout at the gym, while being judged by a sanctioned CrossFit judge.

  • Film and submit the entire workout according to the strict guidelines outlined at games.crossfit.com.

  • We'll be approving scores all at once on Monday nights, so please be aware that your score will NOT be published until then.

  • Anyone interested in judging must take the ONLINE JUDGES COURSE.

  • Whatever the judges say goes! Please treat the judges with respect (especially when they no-rep you). They're volunteering their time, and doing the best job possible. If you feel like there is a problem, bring it to Coach Bob or Steve.

  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN! The Open can be an amazing experience, especially for someone new to CrossFit. It's a chance to push far outside of your comfort zone, and hold yourself to a higher standard. While we encourage people to get competitive, toxic competitiveness can absolutely ruin someone else's experience. Your primary competition should always be yourself, and good sportsmanship will always be valued over personal gain.

Let's give it everything we've got!


- Handstand skill work

Metcon: 18m EMOM

- M1: 15/12 Cal Ski

- M2: 15/12 Cal Row

- M3: 15y Hanstadwalk

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