WOD: Friday 11/24/17

Feel free to bring in your own deck of cards, to get the full experience! Otherwise, a template will be provided by the coach. Each classes' workout will be different. Hope you don't pull too many hearts in a row!!

Metcon: Deck of Cards!! (40m Cap)

- Spades: Push-ups

- Hearts: Burpees

- Clubs: V-ups

- Diamonds: Squats

- Jokers: 800m Run (1k Row/Ski)

- Jack/Queen/King/Ace = 11/12/13/14

Rules are as follows: Draw from a full, shuffled deck of 54 cards (including jokers). Complete that card's number as reps of the corresponding suit's movement (ie: 2 of clubs = 2 x V-ups, ace of hearts = 14 x Burpees, etc..). Continue until entire 54-card deck has been finished, for a total of 105 reps of each movement!

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