WOD: Tuesday 9/20/16

Warm-up: Spend extra time getting warm today. Should be nice and sore from yesterday

- Shoulder stretches w/bands

- Foam roll hips/glutes/quads/hams/everything (shins too please)


- 10 x Lateral shoulder plate raises

- 10 x Front shoulder plate raises

- 6 x Single Arm KB Arnold press (per arm)

Then, Sprint Row 300m


- Power Clean + Front Squat + 2 x Split Jerk: 6 sets

Metcon: 16m E2MO2M

- 7 x L-Arm KB Hang Snatch

- 7 x R-Arm KB Hang Snatch

- 10 x Burpees

- 30 x Double Unders

(If you cannot finish in the 2m interval, skip the next round)

Additional Work:

- Snatch-grip behind-neck Push Press + 2 x OH Squat: work up to 105% of snatch!

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