WOD: Thursday 2/25/16

Info Regarding the 2016 CrossFit Open

- Athletes competing in the "Open" must sign up at:


- If you are interested in judging, please use the following link, and take the Judges Course. It's also a great beginner's tool to learn how to evaluate movement.


- We'll be running the open WODs Friday nights at 5pm, as well as Saturday mornings between the Saturday Partner WODs. If you're interested in doing the open in an official capacity and logging your score, please try to make one of these two times.

- The deadline to submit open scores is 5PM PT on Monday. If you absolutely cannot make one of our scheduled "Open" workouts, and need someone to judge you for that week, get in touch with coach Bob.


- 10m mobility work (spend some extra time with those hamstrings and lower back)

- Row 500m

then, 2x

- 10 x ring rows

- 10 x push-ups

- 15 x squats


- Spend a solid 15m working on your goals. Get serious today! Check in with one of the coaches and lets talk about how you're progressing toward your goals so far!

Metcon: 8 x NOT FOR TIME

- Sled push

- 100 Singles

Cash-out: Watch the first "Open" workout, tonight at 8pm on games.crossfit.com!

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