WOD: Wednesday 2/3/16

Warm-up: Spend a lot of time warming up hammies and low back!

- Roll/Stretch out (hams/hips/lowback)


- 10 x Arm circles (10 EACH of big and small, both directions)

- 20 x Torso rotations

- 20 x SLOW good mornings w/bar

- 10 x SLOW air squats


- 5x5 Deadlift (Last week of 5x5! Bump that weight up and get ready to work up to a max over the next couple weeks!)

Metcon: 3 x Intervals (1m on/30s off)

- Row for meters

- Mountain climbers

- Alt. dumbbell snatch (45/25)

- Ring rows/bar rows

- Sit-ups

Cash-out: 10m EMOM

- Odd: max double unders (every time you break a set do a burpee)

- Even: hold plank

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