WOD: Thursday 12/3/15


- 200 Single Unders

Then, 2x

- 8 x Shoulder rotations and band pulls on each arm

- 8 x Strict T2B (absolute no kipping)

Strength/Skill: 4x

- Accummulate 20s w/chin over bar

- 20 x Face pulls on kaiser machine (hold 5s pause for last 5 reps)

Metcon: 3x

- Accummulate 45s L-Sit (your choice of rings/GHD handles/boxes)

- Stop to shake out arms, then ME Ring Dips

- 400m Run

Additional Strength Work:

- Back Squat: 5x3 w/5s descent/3s pause/5s ascent (70%)

- Behind-the-neck snatch-grip Push Press: 5x3

- Optional: 3 x 30 cals on bike (rest 90s between) OR 10 x 100ft ladder (don't let display turn off!)

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