WOD: Wednesday 12/2/15



- Shoulder stretches w/bands + 10 x Shoulder plate raises

- 10 yards Inch worms

- Side Lunge down turf (alternate each step)

Then, 2x

- 10 x Good morning

- 20 x Double Unders

- 150m Row


- 5x5 Conventional Deadlift (reset and take hands off bar after each rep)

We'll be building up the DL over the next few weeks in classic 5x5 progression. Keep it lighter today. This is not a 5-rep max!

Metcon: 10m AMRAP

- 8 x KB Snatch (65/45)

- 8 x Burpees

- 16 x V-ups

Cash-out: 3 x max reps - Linked C2B Pull-ups (reps must be consecutive no dead-hanging)

- Plank medley between rounds (1m elbows/30s left side/30s right side/1m arms extended)

Reminder: YOGA 5PM!

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