WOD: Thursday 7/30/15

Extended Warm-up:

- We'll be warming up as a group today.

- Spend some extra time rolling out and working on mobility. Dial in on those hotspots and work out those knots! Check out mobilitywod.com for some body maintenance tips, and don't be afraid to ask the coach for help!!

Metcon: 2k time trial!

- This is an all-out, max-effort row, so hit it hard today! If this is your first time rowing a 2k, make sure to record your results! You'll definitely be seeing this again, so it's a great metric to gauge your progress with. If you've done this before, take a look back in your records and compare with your previous time. We'll spend some time working on gymnastics skills and barbell form, for anyone that wants to stick around afterward.

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